Sunday, May 29, 2016

27April-19May Sofia (BG) - Lisboa (PT) 3116.33km

So, as the audience was not relevant to update this blog daily, I have decided to focus more on what matters (hang our with my hosts and prepare the daily journey).
It was another trip to remember, wonderful soundtracks, shared stories, learned as well, lost 20kg in 3 weeks, biked the Monaco GP circuit, climbed the Pyrenees under heavy rain, opposite wind (present on most journeys which forced me sometimes to catch the train and avoid late arrival to my hosts), found interesting secrets, had a lovely chat with the Spanish authorities, cycled in the Autovia (Spanish toll free motorways, and yes, it is legal to cycle there, helmets are mandatory in all Spain), and ended up in the Rock in Rio festival (aka Far Far Away) with a wonderful welcome and all night party!
Stats and all the pics of this trip (more than 600) can be found on the Sports Tracker and Facebook banners of this blog.
And lets's see where next!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

2016-05-02 Ljubljana (Slovenia) - Portogruaro (Italy )

Leaving with rain, climbing steep mountain and this time, good wind and sun
Ljubljana (Slovenia) - Portogruaro (Italy): 165.89km in 8:11:47, average 20.23km/h max 56.08 km/h trip total: 918.64 km, bike total: 14520km

Monday, May 2, 2016

2016-05-01 Zagreb (Croatia), Litija.... Ljubljana (Slovenia)

This day was simply with rain all day long, had a flat tire, then was not properly fixed, so was enforced to catch the train, so has had 90minutes time made adjustments and some other mechanical checkups on the bike.
About the view... Simply Wow! Better results with rain!

Zagreb (Croatia) - Litija (Slovenia): 124.16km in 6:18:48, average 19.66km/h max speed 38.86km/h trip total: 752.75km, bike total: 14353km

Sunday, May 1, 2016

2016-04-30 Vinkovci - Nova Gradiska ... Zagreb (Croatia)

Today as I knew that would have to get a train to Zagreb as yesterday have not reached my planned destination, decided to make a shorter and more relaxed journey and be at my confirmed stay. The road was still flat, no wind and cloudy day marked the day. Just to chill, however made s better average!

Vinkovci - Nova Gradiska (Croatia): 129.06km in 5:55:44, average 21.76km/h max speed 39.25km/h trip total: 628.59km bike total: 14222km: