Saturday, April 30, 2016

Re: 2016-04-29 Beograd, Serbia - Vinkovci (Croatia)

The route was completely flat, however in cloudy and cold days ( max temperature at 11degrees) there is also some wind. At the beginning was quite friendly when mistakenly turned south convinced that would be the main intersection towards west, then when back on proper road, still had to find ways to cut light opposite wind and got able to make an average of 20km/h. Also very impressive was even with an entire cloudy day, experienced a very wonderful sunset and arrived to Vinkovci by dark night with a wonderful road on the Croatian side. 

Beograd (Serbia) - Vinkovci (Croatia): 181.40km in 9:11:07 average 19.74km/h, max speed 34.74km/h, trip total: 499.53km, bike total: 14093km:

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