Friday, April 29, 2016

2016-04-28 Aleksinac - Velika Plana ... Beograd

With a very bad start of the day on which I stayed on an over priced hotel (they claim 4 stars, but everything is extras, including the lousy breakfast which I had no drinks, few food, so don't go to that only hotel in Aleksinac), that affect my entire performance during the day, got sentitive uphill and slight opposite wind which made end up in Velika Plana and then do the rest by train as I had confirmed host in Beograd.

Aleksinak - Velika Plana (Serbia): 119.96km in 7:04:16, average 16.96km/h max speed 52.84km/h trip total: 318.3km, bike total: 13909km:

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