Wednesday, April 27, 2016

2016-04-27 Sofia (BG) - Aleksinac (RS)

As per first day of the big exercising of the year, the start was really hard, feeling the heartbeat in my ears and getting tired quickly. Lucky most part of the road was downhill, however once there is opposite wind and road works which caused a flat tire and hard to find a calm point to fix the tube, had to inflate almost every 5km.
Funny fact is that a local resident on a small Serbian village was really willing to help and even with language barrier, we sill get along on the wheel repair!
Then once reached Nis, finally the wind was calmer, but was already late to meet my host in Krucevac, so ended up in the only acommodation available in Aleksinac.

 And the statistics with heart rate, altitude and speed in addition to geo location: Sofia (Bulgaria) - Aleksinac (Serbia): 198.34km in 9:41:52, average: 20.45 km/h max speed 44km/h bike total 13789km

And the Audio of the day: MQ3 23 April 2016, second hour

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