Monday, May 11, 2015

2015-05-10 Lyubimets - Plovdiv (BG) (Last day of the Balkan trip)

As I had made the most on the previous day, on this one gave me some comfort to my arrival to Plovdiv as my last train to Sofia would be at 7PM.
However using the road 8 (E80) is quite risky for cyclists as is quite narrow, lots of trucks coming from/to Turkey (actually there was like a 10km queue of trucks to enter Turkey from Bulgaria), with the main advantage is to have mostly trees beside the road which is good to give some shadow and wind protection.
The day started very sunny, lovely, then on my last 20km the wind got stronger, temperature decreased quite drastically and surprisingly did not rain that much! I consider that as a celebration of my last stage!


 Storm coming (well, were mainly clouds and wind only, not much rain)
 And arrived to my final destination!
And for the last day: Lyubimets - Plovdiv (BG): 137.35km in 6h42m56s, average 20.45km/h, max speed 51.42km/h, trip total: 2066.19km, bike total 10282km.

2066km very well spent! Was countless the amount of people I salute, irrelevant of their job, beliefs, orientations, mood, living conditions and the best is that in most of them is that a salute back either on their local language or a simple Ciao!
And that my friends, is one of the reasons I like to do most of my vacations on pedal! There is no better feeling than be in the ground and admire the beauties around and on the case of this trip, to break many myths about people's behaviour! This applies to animals too! Slow down, if the dog keeps barking talk to them, if insist, then speak louder (even angry), that everything is sorted out and no animal will hurt you!
So, be kind to the world so the world will be kind to you!

And to finalize this topic, this time I compiled the graphic reports of this journey, and as I have invested on a heart monitor, it will be easy to see how the heart behaves when you start out of shape and when you are back to good old times! (If this image is not readable for you, go to


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  1. Amazing trip. Congrats. It says a lot to the reader who decided to leave the comfort zone, feel the forces of nature and the freedom. Keep it up with more amazing stories and photos!:)