Friday, May 8, 2015

2015-05-08 Kavala - Alexandroupoli (GR)

On this journey on which both cities are connected via the Greek national road 2, this one is not actually the shortest route to make, making some detours is actually the best option, starting for having much lesser traffic and on the other hand, there are some water pass which allowed to refresh the tires, as with too much heat and dry, it will decrease its life.
On the last 30km, reaching Alexandropouli had the challenge to pass a mountain, and once back to sea level, the wind was again opposite, still was able to run in my soft cruise cycling!

Leaving Kavala
 This is actually found right beside the motorway! Also saves a nice amount of kilometers
 40km left

And the stats: Kavala - Alexandroupoli (GR): 172.66km in 9h05m42s, average 18.98km/h, max speed 52.36km/h trip total: 1742.39km, bike total: 9958km

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