Wednesday, May 6, 2015

2015-05-05 Skopje (MK) - Thessaloniki (GR)

As this trip would be the longest one and also with later arrival than the usual due to the clock change in Greece, I have started the journey quite earlier.
Leaving Skopje was quite fast and a good average, then had a mountain before reach Veles, then was mostly soft descending on the way and also very hot. The road was mainly an alternative to the motorway, on which of course, cyclists cannot use it. 
Also a fact that parts of the motorway was under construction, due to this fact the use of heavy vehicles has damaged the road converting into a non asphalt road! Happened on high spots near Veles and also Demir Kapija and Udovo, this helped me to slow down my good average, however on this road I have seen several people walking and most possible illegal immigrants (as from one group they asked me if I have seen anyone from the authorities), this also happened after crossing the border in Greece.
Once on Greek territory on which there was 70km left, 50 of them were a fight against the opposite wind, only when I have changed direction to the East I was able to ride at much faster speed!
And actually this late arrival allowed me to see an outstanding moonrise behind the mountains very close to Thessaloniki!

After Demir Kapija, 20km of dirt road

This little fellow (well, bigger than my hands combined) wanted to cross the street (unfortunately there were others who did not had the same luck), so, I gave some help.

It would be perfect if it wasn't.... the opposite wind.

And still 35km of riding in the darkness!

So, it was like this: Skopje (MK) - Thessaloniki (GR): 255.84km in 12h05m, average 21.14km/h, max speed 53.84km/h trip total: 1385.53km bike total 9601km

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