Wednesday, May 6, 2015

2015-05-04 Kukes (AL) - (Kosovo) - Skopje (MK)

As I was curious in visit Kosovo and actually planing a stay in Pristina, I have decided to pass by there and see how things were over there. I have seen some military forces mainly from Austria and Switzerland, several work in progress in populated areas, the roads were mainly normal, even when I made some shop for the trip a kid was surprised to see a cyclist around there! But all were friendly on which I was saluting everyone on the way with almost of them replied back!
As I had time limitation I have decided in going straight to Macedonia and actually unlike a fast and almost silent border crossing from Albania to Kosovo, crossing the border from Kosovo to Macedonia had a very interesting and friendly chat with the KFOR officer (with some German) when leaving the country!
About the trip itself, leaving Albania was quite fast and cycle in the motorway (the only road to leave the country), then going continuously up till around 50km, and from there just let the gravity help in most of the way and without any wind! An easy trip with also wonderful scenarios on the way down to Skopje, on which actually has a beautiful down town!

Right after the border Albania-Kosovo

Prizren, Kosovo

Usually in most part of Europe, this is a sign informing a big way up (read from left to right), apparently this is different in Kosovo
 And Skopje

And the starts, route and heart beat: Kukes (AL)- Kosovo- Skopje (MK): 160.94km in 8h02m01s, average 20.03km/h, max speed 57.72km/h trip total: 1129.69km bike total 9345km

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