Sunday, May 3, 2015

2015-05-03 Puke - Kukes (AL)

Unlike the previous day, this one was with a very wonderful day! Also had a very interesting welcome and how i found accommodation in Puke! Moments before arrive to Puke, one man handed me over a flyer about his guest house and once I arrived to Puke I saw a couple asking for directions as my mapping had no street naming, then a lady owner of the restaurant heard the story and she said that I could stay there for 5 euro! Quite a bargain! As this is a family owned restaurant I gave some more on which had a very tasty dinner and breakfast all local made!
Basically the breakfast was almost the only food I had on this journey!

After made the first descending/ascending I saw those white mountains there were like 60km left to Kukes
 And few km later, this is the road I made, to notice here that only 5 motorbikes from Czech Republic passed by me in like 2 hours of travel!
 Few meters after, entering Kukes district started to be greener and the road in better shape, see the same white mountain, and now around 40km left!
 20km left..

Once this road meets the motorway there was a patrol police on which I asked if it was ok to cycle there! I mean, there is no other road to Kukes at all! We had a nice chat and actually he assisted me into entering the motorway, on which was descending all the time which made things easier!

But once a few km on the motorway, this is quite a danger, specially for faster vehicles than bicycles! I don't believe that is normal to happen, even in Albania! So in the end of this motorway and informed the patrol that these cows could cause something big while they were there.

And yes, that white mountain right near Kukes! Basically from direct line A to B, is like 20km, but by road, it can be more than 3 times the distance!

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  1. Albania is cheap and beautiful. Interesting what language do locals use to speak to tourists?