Wednesday, April 29, 2015

2015-04-29 - Sarajevo - Mostar (BA)

This day was simply calm, easy pleasant with everything helping out! Even expecting leaving Sarajevo uphill, it was a soft way up and the light wind helped out.
Then on the way up met 2 local cyclists who were going to their lake house and once we all went downhill (made a video to be uploaded with proper internet speed and some cutting) in the first part had a drink and then we stopped to have local lunch! After biking a bit more on the lake I was also invited to stay with them on the house by the lake, but as on this trip I am quite limited concerning available days, unfortunately had to decline the offer.
Continuing Solo, was still enjoying the wonderful mountains, road, weather and let gravity helps on the way to Mostar! Simply beautiful!

And so it was like this: Sarajevo-Mostar (BA): 138.34km in 6h28m33s, average 21.36km/h Max Speed 77.65km/h trip total 467.17km, bike total 8680km
And a lovely song: Alt J - Every Other Freckle

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