Sunday, April 26, 2015

2015-04-26 Beograd (RS) - Zvornik (BA)

So as I have 2 weeks off, and while currently living in Sofia, I have decided to make a Balkan bike tour, on which is kinda continuing my trip made last Summer.
So, was a very interesting trip on the night train between Sofia and Belgrade on which I saw for the very first time a huge inspection of the train from the Bulgarian border control and adding to baggage inspection there was also inspection of the train compartments itself. My bike and baggage apparently was the exception. but a very friendly couple from Alaska on one compartment and 3 guys from Tunisia had to show their entire baggage. So this made the train arrive to Belgrade 90 minutes later (which was very convenient as the planned arrival was at 5 AM).
Started the trip at 7AM, the journey was mostly flat alike, quite intense traffic, some stray and home dogs on the way, and mostly cycled on a road with a very good shape and many local cyclists (which is good to raise awareness on the drivers).
One thing that really surprised me was that there was a funeral taking place on the main road and the drivers on my direction simply made queue, not passing anyone, and the drivers on the other side simply parked their cars and some even left their cars.
Then when leaving Serbia and entering Bosnia Herzegovina, had again a very nice welcome and with language skills testing, such as German, Spanish, Portuguese and some words that I have remembered from the Slavic speaking countries! Was a cool quick chat!
Now I am resting in Zvornik, put some sleep up to date as had not slept much on the night train, and... moving on for the next challenging day as it promises some mountains on the way.

And for the stats: Beograd RS - Zvornik BA: 177.04km in 8:36:16, average 20.58km/h, max speed: 48.43km/h bike total: 8382km
And for the audio: mq3-25-04-2015

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