Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2015-004-27 Zvornik - Sarajevo (BA)

On this second day started to be hilly, but was not counting to be that hilly!
The first 40 km were fine and with wonderful landscapes still biking beside Serbia , even had for the very first time the police to ask me to stop, on which had a nice quick conversation, then started to be a bit steeper, which was also fine, but then the inclination started to be more extreme and in most cases had to walk as pedalling with the cargo and also making effort to the bike was kinda quite the same!

Then reaching the first top, I was convinced that going downhill would allow me to recover a bit, but... there was the biggest obstacle I hate the most: strong opposite wind! I even had to pedal to go down and in some cases at 15km/h!
 Then there was another big way up again for more 7km, this time completely walking as I was already exhausted from facing gravity and opposite wind, but at least had a wonderful downhill almost all the way to Sarajevo amongst bridges, tunnels and outstanding wild river and rocks until the city limit!

These stats don´t lie! See graphs too: Zvornik-Sarajevo (BA): 151.79km, in travel time 10h10m, average 14.91km/h, max speed 79.16km/h trip total: 328.83km bike total: 8541km
And for the soundtrack: Lower Dens - To Die In LA

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