Tuesday, July 29, 2014

2014-07-27 - Zadar (HR) - Split (HR)

On this day I could say that was divided in 2 parts: the cold, wet, wind and rainy, and the warmer, sunny and mountain part.
Left Zadar with nonstop rain, so testing my wys to have my baggage waterproof and seems it worked! However I was completely wet, specially on my feet and legs.
Then after pass Sibenik where I had a little break, the rainy clouds went away and I made the option to choose the hilly and shorter route! This route was also better as the traffic was much less intense than the Croatian national road number 8.
A few kilometres after Sibernik and in the mountain area, I saw a little bird stopped in the road. Of course I had to stop and bring him to safe place.
And so this was my day in photos:

The Island of love! Just a few km after Zadar.

This was how I made my baggage waterproof, should have done the same to the front part. Very close to Sibernik

In Sibernik and after a lunch break.

And the little bird, initially in the middle of the road on which I put him in a safer place, hope he is still alive!

Already able to see Split, but still around 25km to make

And finished in Split! Completely dry, except my feet!

Concerning about the route and statistics: 151,18km in 7:40:54, average 19,68km/h, max 59,30km/h. Trip total 1745,99km, Bike total 7102km
As for the Audio, perfect for rain and sunny moments: MQ3 - 26 July 2014

And here is an overview of what was done so far:

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