Thursday, July 24, 2014

2014-07-23 - Ljubljana (SI) - Rijeka (HR-Croatia)

After a deserved 4 day rest in Ljubljana on which I was wise to delay the journey as I would face floods and intense rain, again on this day I was blessed with a very nice weather! Cloudy and not too hot as I had quite a few mountains to pedal! Also another fact is in both of my legs started to bleed in the upper part due to the use of Summer socks, now is mostly healed but with some attention to have. Not enough to stop me.
I had instructed the GPS to avoid dirt roads however it was indicated me to go on a more than 10km mainly uphill, but as the location was really beautiful, even though the trees didn't allowed to see much.
Back to the main roads, there were quite some intense traffic on the way yo the border, and after crossed the border (the border control didn't even care to open my passport), the road was mainly downhill but still with many mountains and I just saw the Adriatic sea just a few km before Rikeja. A beautiful arrival!

Still in Slovenia and on a dirt road constantly uphill 
Entering Croatia
And the first moment I saw the sea, right near Rijeka

As for the statistics: 144,91km in 7:57:44, average 18,19km/h, max 53,84km/h, trip total 1339,88km, bike total 6696km
And the audio: MQ3 - 19 July 2014

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