Tuesday, July 22, 2014

2014-07-19 - Slovenska Bistrica (SI) - Ljubljana (SI)

Unlike the previous day and after leave my host also early morning, the journey was mostly hilly and with very big steep roads to cross, lucky the wind was a little helpful while riding uphill.
After reach the Trojane pass on which is considered the sweetest place in Slovenia, and seems I had to try the local sweet (which was my lunch), reaching the Slovenian capital was much easier!

Started riding early morning with the Sun on my back

In Trojane after climbed all the mountain

And the arrival to Ljubljana

As for the statistics: 124,86km in 7:05:55, Average 17,58km/h, max 61,53km/h, bike total: 6551km
And the audio set: MQ3 - 22 March 2014

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