Thursday, July 17, 2014

2014-07-16 Szombathely (HU) - Gleisdorf (AT)

On this day I believe I had the record of ups and downs! While leaving Hungary the road was mainly flat and even with side wind the journey was not that hard, once entered the Austrian side, It was full of hills on which in most cases I had to walk (would be useless to cycle and force the mechanics) and while going downhill the awesome feeling of going down didn't last long!
Adding to the gravity difficulties, the back wheel tyre made me be more cautious and as there were some stormy clouds approaching and with the tyre being wider with the imminence of a flat, I made the option to go to Graz by train and replace the tyre properly while I am in a populated area. After all I don't want to have the same experience that happened to me in Canada where the rear wheel simply broke up and I was stranded in the middle of nowhere!

Back to Austria

Hills hills and mountains

This time I had to catch a train as I do not trust the back wheel tire conditions

So the day was something like this: 102,08km in 5:57:29, average 17,13km/h, max speed 63,3km/h, trip total 925,43, bike total 6281km
And for the soundtrack: Caribou - Can't do without you

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