Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2014-07-15 Vienna (AT) - Szombathely (HU)

Well, this day was a very hot day but this time with mostly good wind! That allowed me to have a good average until I got the hilly and mountain parts of the Austrian road B50.
Already on the Hungarian side the road was mostly flat but there is always an inconvenient side on the Hungarin roads that is complete nonsense.
I will explain on the next post.

A long (and only) uphill:

Another country passed: Hungary

And arrival to Szombathely

As for the statistics: 146,53km in 6:48:01 average 21,54km/h max speed 54,88km/h trip total: 823,35km, bike total 6179 km
And as for the audio and with the lack of the FM4 coverage, the Audio was this one: WhoMadeWho - Hiding In Darkness

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