Thursday, July 10, 2014

2014-07-09 Bratislava (SK) - Vienna (AT)

These 2 capitals are quite close, completely flat, however what happens in flat places, and no mountains nearby, the wind gets stronger and stronger, actually I felt stronger than the stormy weather on the previous day!
I was planning to do a slow journey also, but again this wind.... the good part is that everything was so clear and perfect for pictures.

Austria on the left, leaving Slovakia on the right over the Moravia river

And after the bridge the Schloss Hof in Austria
Arrived to Vienna...

 .. with free (non alcoholic) beer on my arrival! That was a very nice arrival!

The statistical part was :72,93km in 5:08:24, Average 14,19km/h, Max Speed 47,04km/h, trip total 642,69km bike total 5998km

As for the audio and as Radio FM4 is from Austria and has FM coverage, this radio will be my main soundtrack as I love their diversity (spoken in English and German with news also in French), and of course by their music taste. This was the sound I listened once crossed the border: Oliver Koletzki feat. HVOB - Bones

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