Wednesday, July 9, 2014

2014-07-08 - Trencin (SK) - Bratislava (SK)

This day was quite famous in some events.
Convinced the bike path would be asphalt most of the journey I decided to risk it, but after pass a construction site it turned out to be a dead end, as I am not the type to not return via same path and as the maps still shown some other routes, I have followed them and it lead me to the music festival venue, however the access gate was closed and had to go on non asphalted road.
As the bike is heavy and I have not lost enough weight, I had a flat which delayed me around 40 minutes:

Convinced this delay would be a bad thing, I actually have found that it was the best that happened to this trip, as we weather forecast predicted several thunderstorms and strong winds.
I faced random winds but still was able to pedal with the normal average.
On this image is easy to see the storm passing over Trnava (Slovakia), there was also another storm behind me as well. 

Once I cycled Trnava, the city was completely wet, some parts of trees broken and a messy traffic jam which made me not possible to make photos while riding however this broken tree shows how violent was the storm and what I have escaped from!

Continuing to Bratislava just some opposite wind and with more sunny moments.

So this was my riding day: 149.58km in 7:44:00 average 19.34km/h max 43,29km/h travel total 569,76km, bike total 5926km (A little note is the Sports tracker logs are mainly from city center to city center/point of interest and the bike computer ones includes also the journey to my hosting place, which of course is not shown on the Sports tracker)
About the soundtrack: MQ3-10-MAY-14 

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