Sunday, July 6, 2014

2014-07-06 - Brno (CZ) - Trencin (SK)

The Czech and the Slovak road 50...
Started leaving Brno with some hills, then mostly flat but very few trees on the way and the sun was like a desert sun! Needed constant hydration. Once left the South Moravian region the first mountain appeared and as it was too steep and due to my heavy cargo, the best option was to walk as I intend the mechanical parts of the bike to last longer, I recovered some time in the wonderful downhill with speeds mostly above the 50km/h with refreshing wind on my face and the shadows in the forest area. Only the little bad thing is there was only one spot of water supply in Czech Republic since this journey. I also noticed Czechs love bikes (on the roof of the car ;) ). And was also cool to great other bikers and motobikers on my way! Beautiful!
Then crossing the border was even more steep and once reach Slovakia was just to admire the sun, the downhill and the mountains, very very relaxing!
Arriving to Trencin already in the flat part was also ok.
I am glad that little by little I will be more ready to climb more mountains, which I expect that will be much more!

And my quote of the day: What goes up....

... must go down (and vice versa, means you are alive!)

Slovakia, same road number 50

And hot arrival to Trencin

As for the route (I recommend you to have a look so you can compare the speed and altitude I had to made, was a real challenging one!): 145.19km in 7:36:46 average 19.07km/h max speed 67,95km/h Season total: 420,18km, bike total 5776km
As for the audio of the day, definitely the new set was perfect for climbing mountains! Listened more than 3 times! : MQ3 5 July 2014

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