Saturday, July 5, 2014

2014-07-04 Prague (CZ) - Pardubice (CZ)

Hello all,
Back to undetermined bike riding and while I have no final proposals concerning work challenges, I decided to do what I mostly do in situations like this: Biking.
The weather was hot, days are still long, and have a few friends to visit on the way... so is a perfect combination!
This first journey have to say that was quite hard, even though the road was mostly flat. Too much initial weight and as I was not biking long distance since quite a big time made me even a bigger initial challenge! But still made it!
Now I will upload al tracks with sports tracker as daily as possible and hope without any application or GPS crash (which happened this first day, maybe too hot day?)
The track was logged here:

The departure from Prague:

 This was actually my main lunch...
 And my arrival to Pardubice

As for the stats of the day: 113,1km in 6:18:51, average 17,91km/h max 46,15km/h bike total 5469km
The audio soundtrack was actually a set made by Miguel Quintao:
on which I chose the edition of the 5th October 2013 as initial song of the day:
Enjoy and tomorrow more will come!

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  1. Força Serguei , boas pedaladas !