Thursday, October 21, 2010

2010-10-21 Munich (DE) - Regensburg (DE)

After 2 days of rest sightseeing and hanging out with some friends I have there, had to continue the journey. This one a short one on which departed a bit after lunch time and the weather friendly, cold but once start to pedal, the body temperature and the windproof jacket make things warm.
Just had a little farming area as I was going on the wrong way and as I don't turn back if there is a road available, just got delayed like half hour. Got to be more accurate with the main points for changing direction.
Had a nice sunset, together with a full moon. Was a nice arrival to Regensburg. However a note on which part of the road B16 is not allowed for bikes and when starts to be allowed and biking there, don't forget to pay attention to the heavy traffic. There were no bike roads beside and the shoulders are very narrow. So pay attention to that.

I really do love sunsets!

Route: 2010-10-21 Munich (DE) - Regensburg (DE)
And the stats: 161,66 km in 08h28m Moving Time: 07h21m Max Speed: 65,0 km/h Average: 22,0 km/h Radfest Total: 1456,51 km Bike Total: 16788,0 km

And the sound: Aeroplane – Caramellas

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