Sunday, October 17, 2010

2010-10-16 Feldkirch (AT) - Innsbruck (AT)

Now this was the day I soo wanted to remake! First of all since my first visit to Austria in Innsbruck and Bludenz where I have good friends there which we met almost 10 years ago. Then for one new year eve spent in the Tyrolean mountains, one interrail made in 2004 on which I made a self promise to visit Austria next year on bike (promise fulfilled), but the extra that in the Summer 2005 damaging floods happened there right on the day of my arrival to Zürich. So in 2005 there were damaged roads, railway line, and some closed tunnels. However You can see the edition of 2005 from Zurich to Vienna HERE.
Now in 2010, started with light rain.

Passed by Bludenz, the Milka chocolate factory was closed (the only negative part of the day, another note is that if You arrive pr pass by train just open the door and let Yourself be inspired by the pure pleasure of breathing chocolate, the factory is just in front of the train station)

Then from Langen am Arlberg started to snow (YAY!!!) even so I found a way to put my Canon 1000d rainproof for be able to take photos of the outstanding and foggy mountains.

Even if it was cold I was just wearing 2 t-shirts, one long sleeve shirt and the rain/windproof jacket, no need to use gloves while riding up even at 1,3ºC! (Photo taken in the Arlbergpass)

From Arlbergpass was down down down and just didn't cycled faster because mainly for the snow into the eyes (like sand), and second to admire the view! from Sant Anton was just cloudy day.

If You are afraid of highs don't look down!

This is also a good way to create bike roads without wasting millions as well: Using the farming roads (don't forget to give priority to any motor vehicle)

Or could be used on some emergency roads beside the railway.

This was a day with the lowest average, because this day was really to enjoy the most, it's impossible to not like the mountains, even if You have to go up.
Don't forget that what's goes up, must go down!

174,97 km in 12h11m Moving Time: 09h15m Max Speed: 61,0 km/h (I was faster riding down inside the Albergpass tunnel, but was not recorded on the GPS) Average: 18,9 km/h Radfest Total: 993,89 km Bike Total: 16325,3 km
Route: 2010-10-17 Feldkirch (AT) - Innsbruck (AT)

And this song was all day in my head: Groove Armada - Paper Romance

And a note... It really looks like that there nothing happened, like the floods never happened! Great job! Also that if it wasn't my other night arrival I would continue the trip between Landeck and Innsbruck on the bike roads. However any road in Austria (Except freeways and S roads) is cyclable.

(And I will upload the photo with the records of the altitude, for better view of this path)

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