Friday, October 15, 2010

2010-10-15 Zurich (CH) - Feldkirch (AT)

Now this is one of the reasons why I love mountains, trains, green, and chocolate!
(This little extra is located in the Zurich main train station. On the meeting point You can make some 3D drawings, very few people know about this)

Right a few kilometers after Zurich on the road 3, started to smell chocolate, once got closer to a big building the "perfume" was stronger, and then it was nothing more, nothing less but the Lindt chocolate factory. I got hypnotized and bought some for the trip and share with my hosts and friends.

As You can see, chocolate is a great source of energy:

A bit after passing Lindt chocolate factory picked up some nuts from a tree located on the right side of the road.
Cycling around lake Zurich was ok, big traffic but very cyclable, then when reaching Naefels, the road started to climb the mountain from altitude around 500 meters until the near 900 meters according to the GPS, even with some foggy weather the view was still outstanding! I just simply stopped and enjoyed all the possible views! (I was biking with the Canon 1000d all the time, on this day made more than 100 photos, so the best is click on any of these photos and then just browse in the Facebook)

Mülehorn and lake Walen (Walensee):

Then arriving to Sargans, followed by the bike signs and actually was a good road, and passing Liechtenstein in the night.

But at least passed by the capital, Vaduz. Even at night it is possible to see many lights up in the mountains. Arriving to Feldkirch and crossing the border, there were still some border control who just randomly asked for passports, didn't happened to me. Go ahead, moving on.

Route: 2010-10-15 Zurich (CH) - Feldkirch (AT)

140,12 km in 09h36m Moving time:07h59m Max Speed: 58,0 km/h Average: 17,5 km/h Radfest Total: 818,92 km Bike Total: 16150,4 km

This is also good to listen in the mountains: Kisses - Kisses

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