Friday, October 15, 2010

2010-10-13 Strasbourg (FR) - Basel (CH)

This day was a very very flat day, despite hadn't seen much of the Rhine river, but You can also see the big corn meadows, the farming area, some industrial parts when being closer to Basel, and even the road seems flat you are actually going way uphill! So a very calm day, no rush, just breathe and enjoy the music on a nice light foggy day: The Bewitched Hands On The Top Of Our Heads - Hard To Cry

And as You can see there is no need to waste millions on roads just for bikes. Just a little wide shoulder is enough! And actually I prefer the green routes in stead of the red ones:

And entering Switzerland (Basel):

Route: 2010-10-13 Strasbourg (FR) - Basel (CH)

And stats: 136,61km in 08h57m Moving time:07h06m Max Speed: 28,0 km/h Average: 19,3 km/h Radfest total: 547,86 km Bike Total: 15878,9 km

I was hosted in Delémont so for that and as it was getting dark, I got a train (no need to mention that Switzerland is very bike friendly, despite the train fare was a bit pricey).

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