Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2010-10-12 Mainz (DE) - Strasbourg (FR)

What a wonderful day! Sunny, warm, night not that cold, good grape juice with some alcohol, Pizza flambé (all you can eat), good wind and mostly flat roads.
Talking about flat, I had choose the roads quite near Rhein river (despite had not seen it today), as the roads are purely flat, no ups and downs like the biking until Worms (pronounced "Vorms").

Then in the border area there were some very new wine selling and You can still taste the juice of the grapes, with or without alcohol! Any of this beat any energy drink! And much cheaper per liter! As you can see here!

Arriving to Strasbourg was very easy just follow the D468 all the time, no detours, just straight ahead! And again arriving at night!

And also to mention that You can have Pizza Flambé "volonté" (all You can eat, specialité d'Alsace) with almost a liter of beer for 12 euro (was a very perfect refill. Thanks Ricardo)! Good price as France is typically pricey.

Route: Route: 2010-10-12 Mainz (DE) - Strasbourg (FR)

And stats: 202,94km in 10h51m Moving time: 09:23 Max Speed: 49,0km/h Average:21,6 km/h Radfest Total: 411,25km Bike Total: 15742,3km

So, tomorrow... Basel (Switzerland) a much shorter ride)
And for listen (despite I had none): Detachments – Holiday Romance

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