Monday, October 11, 2010

2010-10-11 Dusseldorf (DE) - St Goarhausen (DE) ----- Mainz

So the day has began, great weather, quite chilly morning, but still decided to ride in shorts.
Talking about the ride... well, has 2 parts of it. the before Remagen and after Remagen.
Before Remagen, nice, fast, all directions correct, the expected kilometers as well. very good. But after Remagen, that's another story. First of all the trip was expected to be 219km, the tip today was done in 20:44, so even if I ride, the arrival would be after midnight. The average was doing well, but the thing is the distance between Remagen and Koblenz is around 35km (was counting to arrive at 16:30), However the sings were completely messed up, then was in dead ends, having to come back and see where I was in the GPS which has no bike option, so leading to roads only allowed by cars.Arrived to Koblenz after 6PM. Then the rest was ok despite it was already dark night.
I hate to cheat but had no other choice!

One similar on another similar departure of last year (Dusseldorf):




The stats of this first day: 208,31km in 11h40m Moving time: 09h55m Max Speed: 52,0km/h Average speed: 21,0km/h Radfest total:208,31km Bike total: 15539,4km

Route: 2010-10-11 Dusseldorf (DE) - St Goarhausen (DE)

As the song, despite there was no moon: Underworld - Moon in Water

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