Friday, August 20, 2010

2010-08-16 Willits CA - San Francisco CA (THE arrival!)

So... what to say about this day? Pure happiness and some anger at same time in some parts of the road.
As my host had to work early, I departed from Willits at around 7:30, so.. as the distance is very doable like measured 250km, if I made the trip at an average of 22km/h would be quite like almost consecutive 12 hours on pedal and still have some time for stops. But let's divide in 3 parts:
The first one from Willits till Geyserville, which was mostly done as 4 lane freeway and on this part it's allowed to cycle. I was making a very good average, the road was mostly downhill, despite had some bits of opposite wind, at 12:00 I had done more than 100km, so if the trip remains like this I would arrive to San Francisco at around 7-8pm

The second part, that was the most hated one as it was not allowed to ride the bike on the freeway due to much heavier traffic, had to go to inner cities, but the worse is that they are only connected by freeway! By normal road You have to make longer rides and on one case going uphill:

and downhill:

And then more detours who made me arrive late to Sausalito and up to the Golden Gate.
Which that was the 3rd part and of course the happiness of finally had arrived, despited I would like to arrive there on a sunset. However the bridge had the pedestrian/bike door closed as I arrived there at around 10PM, but no worries! Just hit a button and someone will open the door for You (Only pedestrians cannot cross the bridge after 9PM, bikes are 24 hours).
Crossing the bridge despite being very windy and foggy has still great views even if You only can see nothing more than 300 meters.

And so arrived to San francisco at my host place as they live very close to SFO airport, so more 90 minutes and arrive at midnight.
And so.. that's it, there is still to show the city, so this trip is not yet closed! Only the long distance biking, as the bike is quite rusty and needs a decent cleanup, on which I'll do as soon I arrive to Europe. I need pedals too.

so here is the final route (pay attention on my path when leaving the US101 till the Golden gate entry): 2010-08-16 Willits CA - San Francisco CA

Which made me have this time: 15h41m, Distance 283,90km/176,41mi Moving time: 12h59m, Max Speed: 56km/h, Average: 22,9km/h Total: 7762,85km/4823,61mi Bike total since March 2009: 15142,6km

And a great song for the arrival and "finale": Chemical brothers - Dissolve

See Ya!

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  1. Parabens !!!!!!!

    I'm thinking to run and couchsurf from Crescent City to San Francisco in November. We have to meet in Lisboa to speak about your last 3 days !

    Sylvain from Milfontes