Friday, August 20, 2010

2010-08-15 Eureka CA - Willits CA

This day was quite long, mostly going uphill and with amazing landscapes on the Avenue of the Giants, which is a 50km detour of the freeway/highway US101, and only has positive and recomended passing by. Let's see: the road is mostly flat, so less tiring while going up and downhill, then the trees are still giant (above 100meters high) which means spectacular landscape, this time beside the Elk river, then mostly shadow which means less heat, and for sure in case of rain it would protect You from extra humidity! So a complete must!
Another note is about cycling on the freeway parts of the US101 which is completely bike friendly with white shoulders and does not forbid bikes. When using a search engine it avoids this road, but actually for the west coast bikers You can ride it without any problem and has many exits for food points for example.
Ah, I also must thank Ms Ilda (a nice lady of 80 years old) for the 5 dollar offer while I was eating the dollar pies in front of the fast food in Fortuna. I really love those apple pies! But actually had them because is hot food and also because I love sweets!

Route: 2010-08-15 Eureka CA - Willits CA

Time: 11h43m, Distance 213,26km/132,51mi Moving time: 09h46m, Max Speed: 59km/h, Average: 21,9km/h Total: 7478,95km/4647,20mi

Another Summer sound: Cut Copy - Where I'm Going

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