Saturday, August 7, 2010

2010-08-06 Seattle WA - Olympia WA

In short words.... I don't know if I should like urban aread for cycling or not, by one point they have many bike signs which is great, on another point is that the ammount of traffic lights and don't know why I get almost all of them into a red light. Lost again many minutes just on the sidewalk waiting for the green. Luckly the wind was light, road was mostly flat and with a good asphalt. But if weren't the military area, it could had saved me around 30 kilometers to this route.

Route: 2010-08-06 Seattle WA - Olympia WA

Time: 11h45m, Distance 221,43km/137,59mi Moving time: 9h20m, Max Speed: 53km/h, Average: 23,7km/h Total: 6622,01km/4114,73mi

New sound of the day: Silver Columns- Always on(Caribou remix)

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