Friday, August 6, 2010

2010-08-04 Bellingham WA - Seattle WA

Now continuing south, with cycling on the mountain and also by the sea, the landscape is pretty awesome in the morning, it reminded me cycling around Arrábida area (in Portugal). A really great landscape and relaxing area. But only for the first 30km
After that cycled near the Interstate 5 on which is mostly flat and easy ride. The latest 50km were done in complete urban area and consequent traffic lights who decreased my performance once again.
A calm day to pedal.

Route: 2010-08-04 Bellingham WA - Seattle WA

Time: 07h19m, Distance 144,08km/89,53mi Moving time: 6h16m, Max Speed: 53km/h, Average: 23km/h Total: 6263,72km/3892,09mi

And the song: Caribou - Sun

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