Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2010-08-03 Vancouver BC Canada - Bellingham WA USA

And after the non stop living life in Vancouver, now started to cycle South and as expected with good wind! But before the real departure I had lunch in Joes Café and which was great to talk with the Portuguese people there, and also saw a bit of Benfica-Tottenham via internet broadcast! And as soon I made them discover the online broadcast of Benfica TV, there is no other channel there! Despite i'm more into Sporting Portugal, but is a proof that football (soccer) unites people everywhere! And so I must thank Mr Acácio, António and David for the great talks and the meal and the snack for the trip as I got rid of my Canadian currency last night.
So, the trip continued, on the Canadian side completly urban with lot's of traffic lights until some km before reach the US border.
This time crossing this board between White Rock and Blaine took too much time due to the queue of people that were in front of me, it was like entering from an internatinal airport. Once I got my turn, it took me less than 2 minutes as they should know all my entry/leaving history, as it matches and went straight to the important, no further questions were needed, simple and eficient!
And this time I got a stamp on my passport :)
Some extra info that may concern many travellers: No matter how many times You enter/leave the US or Canada, from the first entry on Your passport in American soil, You are only allowed to stay 90 days and there is no count reset or even extension of the days that You weren't in the first country You were.

Back to the cycling pretty easy, mostly on a road beside the Interstate 5 which saved me quite some time and kilometers that the GPS maps suggested.

Here is the route: 2010-08-03 Vancouver BC Canada - Bellingham WA USA

Time: 05h53m, Distance 96,09km/59,71mi Moving time: 4h22m, Max Speed: 57km/h, Average: 22km/h Total: 6119,64km/3802,57mi

A nice song for this Summer: Tracey Thorn - Why Does The Wind (Morgan Geist Remix)

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