Thursday, July 29, 2010

2010-07-27 Wauconda WA USA - Copper Mountain BC Canada

So, slept in an old school in Wauconda on which the garden outside was well treated but the inside was full of construction. On the night before had asked some people on the gas station nearby where is a camping site but they dont know any and recommended me to stay in an old school and if anyone appeared they wouldn't mind.
So Yeah, stayed there and in the morning at 7AM someone appeared and was a really nice morning, telling that don't have many visitors and like the bikers to come around! And the place is really warm! Just bring a sleeping bag and that's it!

As there were no hosting confirmed for Princeton, and while the day was still light, depite got a big cloud with some lightning (as usual), decided to go anywhere until 9PM and then just came somewhere in the forest.
This is also the first time that I had opened the tent!

Another funny thing is the confusion of gravity, the road seems always down but is going up the river, the southeast wind was also a great help, despite the big mountains I had to climb again!

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