Thursday, July 29, 2010

2010-07-28 Copper Mountain BC - Vancouver BC (finally!)

And for ending this first part of this trip had set the alarm to 5AM, Started a bit after 6AM with a very nice sunshine in the middle of nowere and still have to climb the mountain until Allison Pass (But was worth it! Still had seen snow during the hot summer). Once again the GPS failed on me as marked quite like 20km to the pass when it was really 60km from my departure point.
So, after Allison pass,the road was mostly down but going against the wind, even with high grades it was quite difficult to get a decent speed (35km/h going down is really slow).
Once entering in the freeway BC 1 the wind blowed even stronger and with the road more flat it was even harder. Once left the freeway to get the road 1A from Abbotsford, I didnt counted that would be even slower! The wind calmed down but it's impressive the number of traffic lights all over the way, it's inevitable to get many red ones! I was just 60km near Vancouver at around 6PM that only arrived to my host's place at midnight! Way too slow!

But at least I did it! Against oposite wind, uproads, deserts, rain, thunderstorm, red lights, I did it! Finally Vancouver! And with a such lovely sunshine day!

This was my longest day:
Early morning in the mountain:

And the arrival at midnight to downtown Vancouver:

Route: 2010-07-27 Copper Mountain BC - Vancouver BC

The record in pedal in one sigle day: 17h42m, Distance 273,18km/169,75mi Moving time: 14h15m, Max Speed: 61km/h, Average: 19,8km/h Total: 5987,011km/3720,15mi

This song is really perfect for me: Memory Tapes - Bicycle

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