Thursday, July 29, 2010

2010-07-26 Colville WA - Wauconda WA

After crossing mountains mostly soft this days was really crossing passes, which mean long long way ups and long downhills!

However the morning started in the farm thanks to Angie and family, on which I made some raspberry pickup and had all the food from their farm! It reminded my first 10 years of my childhood! (Yup I had a farm in the 80's). There is no need to mention that after a great meal, there is no need to eat anything for a least 5 hours! i never felt starvation the entire day! Even climbing more than consecutive 40kilometers!

The day was hot but as the road was made in the forest, there were lot's of shadow and river beside, which means lots of freshness, but the road never ends going up!
So up that this day only allowed me to make just 120km, making me end my trip much before Tonaskett as I planned.
Already cycling in the dark, saw a gas station which was closed but there were some guys having some beers and asked them if there was any camping spot. they didn't know any but told me that there was an old school under construction and they wouldn't mind to stay there.
So yeah, that night I slept in a school and actually was pretty warm and insect free!
Also to mention bikers are welcome there, so if You plan to go on this road WA20 You have a good shelter (meaning didn't opened the tent so far!)

Route: 2010-07-26 Colville WA - Wauconda WA

Time: 7h54m, Distance 121,82km/75,70mi Moving time: 7h14m, Max Speed: 62km/h, Average: 16,8km/h Total: 5499,38km/3417,15mi

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