Monday, July 19, 2010

2010-07-18 Glasgow MT - Havre MT

Today was the proof that the wind can be also the best friend of bikers!
Has mostly Northeast wind blowing at around 30kph which was really wonderful!
Tomorrow I'll try to reach East glaciar Park and hopefully the last trip with lenght above 200km! After that only mountains which deserve to be explored more soflty!
Pics and links and references only when I reach Kalispell which is planned 2 resting days! (Ill save one tomorrow!)

And also a big thanks to the Holom family (my hosts in Glasgow)for the great welcome, sightseeing, movies, bike repair and Huge kindness! Thanks a lot!


  1. Sergio - we very much enjoyed you during your stay in our home. You are welcomed here anytime. God bless and happy travels.


  2. Thank You very much for the great welcome and the visit to the dam! Let me know when You will be around Europe! All the best for the Holom family!