Saturday, July 10, 2010

2010-07-08 Lutsen MN - Duluth MN: The last trip around Lake Superior

And so this is the last day cycling around Lake Superior. The widest lake in the world and Duluth the most inner city where You can navigate by boat to the ocean.
This biking day was done in some parts on bike paths on which the road conditons is much better than the route 61, however sometimes makes quite big detours and once made me come back.
This was done very close to the lake, where was able to see clear water and almost temptated to have a bath there, but the water is very very freezing! Had tried that with my hosts at around midnight near Duluth!
And now as I spent the resting day in Duluth, from now on there will be no resting days until Vancouver, if there are no adverse conditions who force me to pause, let's hope not!

Route: 2010-07-08 Lutsen MN - Duluth MN

Time: 6h21m, Distance 91,06km/56,58mi Moving time: 5h39m, Max Speed: 36km/h, Average: 16,1km/h Total: 1379,98km/857,48mi

And the song: The Hundred In The Hands - Tom Tom

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