Saturday, July 10, 2010

2010-07-07 Thunder Bay ON, Canada - Lutsen MN, USA

Now with the new wheel, let's see how far can this wheel go.
First of all still have to thank Mike's family, for the HUGE generosity and support that gave me for the next half of this trip. I expect to meet Max and Mike in Vancouver as they plan to cycle the American west coast, so it would be nice to have some company!
Continuing the ride, entering back to United States was still faster than I expected, and no new stamp (it would be nice to collect some on my passport), questions were very few and no fingerprint like the airport. Welcome back to USA!
The road 61 is very close to lake Superior and the view once again is very relaxing! Another note is that I found my fellows who had met after Wawa and they were almost finishing their ride. I was almost camping with them but as soon I had phone network I had a message from my host Johnny.
Arriving to Lutsen and when I called Johhny, he gave me directions to his reastaurent where he worked, in stead of searching for the Caribou Highlands restaurant I was searching for "Terrible Islands"! Stupid me! However found the place and had a great welcome by my host! And his place is really beside the lake! Trully a must! As Johnny is expert on travelling and will have a visit soon, I may find him on my way as well! Thanks a lot Buddy!

Route: 2010-07-07 Thunder Bay ON, Canada - Lutsen MN, USA

Time: 9h46m, Distance 182,81km/113,59mi Moving time: 8h41m, Max Speed: 44km/h, Average: 21km/h Total: 2805,3km/1743,13mi

Listening: Caribou - Leave House

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