Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2010-07-03 Marathon ON - Cavers ON: The worst and the best of lucks

This day is for sure a mark on this trip.
Had left Marathon a bit quite after 11AM and saw very dark clouds in front of me (direction west), now this part despite having lot's of highs and lows, there is still nothing in between 90km (except Terrace Bay and Schreiber that were 15km nearby each other), there were places listed on the map, but not populated at all.
Right after 30 minutes of cycling got heavy rain, thunderstorms and strong opposite wind, considering I was heading up, just had a small walk. That last for around half hour, then was just light rain and wind got calmer. Few housr after there was a bit of sunshine, but then at around 7PM, the thunderstorms, lightnings, and opposite wind came back and to add more unluck, on the moment I was on top and starting to pedal again, the back wheel created his own brakes and heared a kind of a click, so there was no other choice than walk on the heavy rain, then walk down and see if there was some populated area... well... nothing, the next population would be only on the next 35km. Luckly the rain had gone, but still only had seen heavy trucks, buses and cars passing by, no vans or 4wd. So, just had to stop, unpack my baggage from the bike and see if anyone stopped.
Now that my luck had started with some light of sun in the background! 2 families stopped by, had just arrived from camping and got bored of the weather so they were coming back home, and for luck they were very bike friendly!
So already inside the car and divided the bike for fit in 2 cars, and after share all the story of the day and informing that I couchsurf during this journey, the driver (sorry, I forgot his name! but I'll ask and correct here), told me that had a friend who not only repair(ed) bikes but he's also a couchsurfer! Now that was REAl luck! despite I had confirmed host in Thunder Bay, but this time my arrival would be earlier.
I had such a great welcome (again) by Mike and all his family, still can't find words to describe all of them! They are really really great!

About the picture of the day, this is after the first big storm (seems night at 1PM):

Route: 2010-07-03 Marathon ON - Cavers ON

Time: 9h10m, Distance 142,38km/88,47mi Moving time: 7h59m, Max Speed: 68km/h, Average: 17,9km/h Total: 2622,49km/1629,54mi
Total of the bike when back wheel was damaged: 9993,8km (neither reached the 10000km!

And the song: Au Revoir Simone - Another Likely Story (Aeroplane Remix)

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