Saturday, July 3, 2010

2010-07-02 Wawa ON - Marathon ON

So... after the long day, very friendly night at the non couchsurfers (at this moment) but local journalists ( who have always information updated, got the news that were road accidents and one of them was a car who hit the moose this morning (but could be the moose wanted to be hit by the car, hope at this time they found out the real veredict), that happened on my way to Marathon as You can see on the picture of the day.

On my way found several touring cyclists mostly in opposite direction as mine, and found 2 americans who were making the tour of lake Superior (who makes border with United States as well... (It seems I'm making half of it, or just simply the Canadian side, at least it will be like that until I arrive to Thunder Bay.

Another note is that I will only have phone coverage when I arrive to near Thunder Bay. The most stupid thing as was told me is that the mobile phone operators rent/buy the "air" in stead of the place where they put the antennas, so it means no coverage in the operator I'm using between Sault St Marie and Thunder Bay (and is more than 600km!). So, I'm unreachable during the day, I wonder how it will work if You need to make an emergency call with a standard GSM phone.

So, about the trip there were 2 variants of the wind on when I was heading North, the wind was my best friend, and then when heading west was my worst enemy. Still was doable, let's see tomorrow.

So about the photo of the day, this is what happens when You hit a moose:

Route: 2010-07-02 Wawa ON - Marathon ON

Time: 10h21m, Distance 194,29km/120,73mi Moving time: 9h32m, Max Speed: 54km/h, Average: 20,4km/h Total: 2480,11km/1541,07mi

As for sound: Voltage - All Night


  1. I remember a huge fish welcoming you to Wawa when I was there. Yeah fun. Be safe!


  2. So far no nooses or bears on my way! So far!!