Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yesterday a walking day, today a little biking and GPS testing.

As today the weather was clear, it was a perfect day to try a bit of the city on bike.
The capital is very clean, very nice path/trails and the drivers respect most of the bikers by giving priority on the sidewalks for example.
There was a confusing part as entering the Pentagon city, that once I entered in their area, it was kinda hard to get out from there, as most of the exits goes directly to higways and by consequense no bikes. You can have a look on the GPS route.
Ah, taking photos to the Pentagon is not authorized, so there is no photo of the building.
So.. let's be happy with the photo of the white house in stead:

So here is the route of Washington DC (city) with the GPS statistics.


  1. Hi Sergio: I'm expecting you in Philadelphia on Friday afternoon. I hope your travels are fun and safe. Check in with me if you can.