Sunday, June 6, 2010

Welcome to the United States of America

And so... The odyssey continues, left home from Lisbon, cycled to the airport, packed the bike there, check in in the airport, 8 hours of flight to Philadelphia on which i met some other Portuguese travelers over here, then catch a bus from a Chinese company, on which the buses are very bike friendly, and good price! 15USD just for the bus trip and no extra charges. Then highway to Washington DC to meet up a great friend of mine who came from Lisbon at same day, but different flights and still had time to go to the American version of the Metropolis (club in Lisbon) and had 2 cups of beer (each cup has one liter!).

Now today was sleeping and having a huge breakfast in Saints paradise on which I was the only white one, but still was very welcome by them! Great people! Now at this moment I'm having some time to chill, as the weather is very hot and humid on which makes everything heavy and lazy and just makes You want to sleep all time!

And talking about sleep, I'll take another nap!
See Ya!

Btw, this is how You can pack Your bike with just 1 euro garbage bags, and one tape, empty the tires, dismount the front wheel and seat and that's it! very simple!

My package waiting for the bus to DC

And the song of the day.... Rammstein-Amerika :)

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  1. Wow great! Nice travels we are here with you!