Saturday, June 12, 2010

M: 2010-06-11 Washington DC - Wilmington DE: The Kilometer 125/ Mile 77:

So...the day was clear, route was completely flat (of course there were ups anddowns like waves) lot's of traffic and an incredible number of red lights. Between DC and Baltimore it was kinda like every mile! With all those red lights they made me stop for around 2 hours (or even more) as many of them You have to wait quite like 2 minutes, so if Youjust count30 red lights at the begining... one hour is already lost! And i was quite making a good average!
So... Again between DC and Baltimore I must say that this part is not so bike friendly and the shoulders are not that wide. From Baltimore till Wilmington via National 40 and 13, there is all the space You want, and a bit less number of red lights.
But the best part of the day was reserved near a bridge on which cycling is not allowed (as there are works in it, and also is a paid one. So, there was a police officer quite near the entry, so I asked which options I could get: Or hitchike or get a train (as none of us knew where was the train staton, the only option was hitchiking!
So, while chatting with Officer Hicks (while was talking about this trip, the others I made in the past, the countries she visited, fo kinda half hour) she stopped a truck to see if I could carry on some truck! So, one truck (was forced to) stop, and kindly was asked if the driver could get me a lift just for cross the bridge and he said ok! And now the most funny part and this! When Ms Hicks asked him where did he came from, he Just said that was from PORTUGAL! And that's were we all started to have great laughs, and what bigger coincidence that Eduardo (the truck driver) lived just 30km nearby my hometown (Óbidos-Alcobaça)! What are the chances of this to happen? Seriously! Seems like I had won the Euromillion (actually I have to check if I won something). And so carried the bike on the truck had a llttle chat, Eduardo even would take me to his place if he was living up North, anyway, just met him really made my day! What a huge brotherhood we have! Ah, when he was stopped, he thought that would get a fine (luckly it wasn't), after the bridge he had some works nearby the road, met his colleagues and the brotherhood was really big that offered me a beer and 20 dollars! Thank You very much! But I was not planning to earn money this way!
So a HUGE thank You to Officer Hicks for finding me a ride and Mr Eduardo for the ride just for cross the forbidden brigde (for bikes).
Continuing the trip and arriving to Wilmington on the sunset already (as I choosed the longer version for reach Philadelphia. And considering that cycling with a bag on my back made already some weight and don't allow the blood to circulate propperly, and also the heavy traffic that the road 13 was too heavy, I decided to stay just in Willmington and get a train to my host was it being already late. I hate cheating but safety comes first (it would be more 40km to make IF there were not paid bridges or allowing bike crossing)!

Ah, and I must thank Jon for the great week in Washington and speacially for introduce me very alternative Asian food (at least to europeans!)

So the photo of the day must be our trio: Eduardo, Officer Hicks and me:

And the route: 2010-06-11 Washington DC - Wilmington DE

Time: 11h58m, Distance 188,94km/117mi Moving time: 8h36m, Max Speed: 52km/h, Average: 22km/h Total: 226,76km/140,9mi (As You can see, lot's of stopped time due to red lights mostly)

And the song of the day: Hurts - Better than love.

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