Friday, June 11, 2010

Last day in DC, time to prepare the stuff for the trip

Well.. today was spent mostly re-packing, cleaning, adjusting ir order to make sure that the trip of tomorrow will be done soft and smoothly (despite the more than 200km/125mi)
So.. time to rest the most, earn some food, relax and have sweet dreams!

Talking about Washington DC, well... it's such a great city to visit! Everyone running (I guess 24 hour), nice bike trails, If You get tired You can put the bike on the metro or bus (free of charge), Water points, public museums free of charge any time of the day, easy to find any street Just by simple combination of numbers (East-West) and letters (South-North), just say where to meet and I don't even need a GPS to find the meeting point!

And here is my expected route until Winnipeg, Canada.

See you in Philadelphia tomorrow! I'll be listening football (soccer) matches if there is live broadcast on radio.

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