Monday, June 21, 2010

2010-06-20 Geneva NY - Buffalo NY: The first night in a hotel (and hard to find one)

So... I don't know how I should start, but is better to start on the positive side of the things!
My last minute host in Geneva, James, offered me a great breakfast in Geneva city, quite near the "Geneva" lake. And for the note, the next meal I had was only at 6PM, only drinked water on the way!
Talking about water, in the middle of the way, my bottles were empty and had not seen any food point, so I asked (again) for some water to a family who was outside home. They immediately offered me 2 bootles of fresh water and refilled mine, and they were soo great that gave me 5 dollars! I just wanted some water! Thanks a lot Dave and family! All I wanted was just a water refill!
And for the negative side... despite the opposite wind I had on the journey, I was quite delaying the ride, waiting for some positive answer from any couchsurfer in Buffalo, got some that could not host me and even delaying my arrival to 22:30 I had no other choice to find a hotel or hostel! Even that was hard to find! However this hotel has private jacuzzi and allows me to earn miles on my airline card! So... it's still a positive side!

Departing from Geneva: Gracias Ramón Y Jesus!

Route: 2010-06-20 Geneva NY - Buffalo NY

Time: 11h34m, Distance 174,41km/108,37mi Moving time: 9h36m, Max Speed: 50km/h, Average: 18,2km/h Total: 1148,99km/713,95mi

And the song: The Drums - Forever And Ever Amen

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