Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Exploring a bit of Wahington DC by foot.

As Yesterday was still kind of tired from the flight and bus trip, also after the Vietnamese dinner, I went to bed earlier, on which made me wake up at around 5AM (still a little with European time feeling), on which the sun was prepairing to rise.
So, started to walk at around 7AM, on which many people were making the traditional jogging and bike riding. Temperature was perfect today!
The walk were aound Washington monument, Capitolium, and the surrounding area. As the weater was still hot I came back to rest a bit and wait for my friend to arrive after work.
Just few moments ago had the Chinese meal most spicy ever! The lips just shake and everthing burns around! I dont know the name but it really has nothing on what You use to like to eat in a Chinese restaurant in Europe! Forget the chop-suey! Seriously! I'll ask my friend the name of those dishes!

American flag in the Capitolium


  1. Hi! Happy travel across America!

  2. Hi! Happy travel across America!

  3. Ola Sergio - the chinese region where they prepare the spicy food is Sezuan in the very south ... lots of chili peppers. You can also get this food in Düsseldorf ;) hidden restaurants, basically known only in the chinese community as no German would like this hot spicy food ;)
    Happy trails!!!