Monday, June 14, 2010

2010-06-13 Philadelphia PA - Brooklyn NY

This day started with very hot and humid morning leaving Philadelphia, and then from the km 100 until Newark was non stop light rain but at least with a very lovely temperature.
Talking about roads, well... On Pensylvania side there were bike routes and signs directing North to Trenton, however on the New Jersy side, the route was entirely made on the National road nr 1 (again) and this route despite having heavy traffic while approaching New York, is a route not recommended to make if You are a slow rider.
Also between Newark airport and Jersey City on the National 1-9 despite it doesn't say prohibited to bikes, it should sign that, specially on the Pulasky skyway. However I believed in what Viamichelin suggested to me.
About entering New York well... while was searching for a ferry to cross the river, it was not possible to do it on weekends as they were not on service, so when asking for alternatives it was told me that there was a "path" who allowed to reach New York.
But following the directions to "path" it's nothing more nothing less a metro that connects New Jersey to New York, and the price is 1,75 USD, so it's a good price considering the cargo that was with me.

The photo of the day comes from a view from the Pulasky Skyway which decided to call "The United Containers of Benetton".

And the route: 2010-06-13 Philadelphia PA - Brooklyn NY

Time: 9h53m, Distance 168,37km/104,6mi Moving time: 7h44m, Max Speed: 42km/h, Average: 21,8km/h Total: 395,13km/245,5mi

And the song of the day: LCD Soundsystem - I can change

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