Monday, June 28, 2010

2010-06-27 Parry Sound ON - Sudbury ON

Back to long distance biking, this day had many rocks, swamps, lakes and forest all over the way, the road was mostly flat on which I was having an average of 27km/h, however, everything was going fine until I had the first flat on the back tire, and was little metal wire who punched the wheel! Right on the last 35 kilometers! After that the average decreased a lot, no places around, no food point, only in Sudbury could find something.
However 2 notes while I was having a snack on police officer stopped and asked my ID, checking criminal records (again), so nothing ans have a nice trip, and after a while 2 deers just crossed the road but they were so fast that didnt gave me time to take off the camera from my pocket, when wanted to take a photo was already too late. They run very elegant!

Photos are being uploaded, as tomorrow I'll have around 200km... wit will be for later. Sorry once again.

Route: 2010-06-27 Parry Sound ON - Sudbury ON

And these were the sats of the day:
Time: 8h41m, Distance 189,49km/117,34mi Moving time: 7h38m, Max Speed: 48km/h, Average: 24,9km/h Total: 1762,73km/1095,31mi

And the song for listen: Metronomy - Do the Right Thing

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