Sunday, June 27, 2010

2010-06-26 Barrie ON - Parry Sound ON (with forced cheating)

And so this day started vey wet and rainy almost all the time, who was made quite hard to make a decent photo from the small camera, however usually I ride faster on rainy days, the wind was good, the big urban area had gone and according to some hosts it was told me that could cycle on the highway 400, well not exactly.
I was doing such a great average, had cycled around 70km and my average was over than 25km/h, but then a police car made me stop, told me that on any road 4XX (like the 400) bicycles are not allowed, despite on the end the shoulders were quite getting wider, the shoulders were non existent on most of this highway (the 1st higway I saw without asphalt shoulders actually), so first he was taking me to the first available exlit who allowed me to continue to Parry Sound, but then he drove me to to the Parry Sound exit, however I had cycled back around 20km which was my host's place, so meaning tomorrow I'll have extra 20km (doable).
A not on this road was that my host in Barrie, Erin, made me a very nutricious breakfast that I didnt ate or drink anything, so the cereals and the extra You gave me were really powerful! Thank You!

This was taken moments ago before the forced stop.

Route (note the red part is done by police car): 2010-06-26 Barrie ON - Parry Sound ON

Time: 4h02m, Distance 88,54km/55,01mi Moving time: 3h43m, Max Speed: 47km/h, Average: 23,8km/h Total: 1573,24km/977,56mi

And the song: Radio Dpt - Heaven´s on Fire

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