Saturday, June 26, 2010

2010-06-25 Toronto ON - Barrie ON

After rest 2 days in Toronto on which had happened such a earthquake 5.5 magnitude, police everywhere due to the G20 conference, or simply my arrival!
Well... I had rested the most as the following days are expected to be the real challenge. As had left from the urban wild, let's see how is the wild in the middle of nowhere.
About the pedal today... despite the heavy traffic when leaving Toronto and without shoulders and again opposite wind, it was a calm route to make, the trip was short, including some unecessary extra kilometers.

So.. here is one photo of Toronto, and thank You Andrei for hosting me,despite You were having very busy days this week.

Route: 2010-06-25 Toronto ON - Barrie ON

Time: 5h44m, Distance 104,72km/65,07mi Moving time: 5h23m, Max Speed: 55km/h, Average: 19,4km/h Total: 1484,7km/922,55mi

And for listen: LCD Soundsystem - Home

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